Turn and Turnabout

Overnight the wind picked up, clouds rolled in, and trees dropped their glorious burdens. While I wasn’t looking, gold and red became russet and gray as true November arrived trailing the calendar by eleven days.  The loosed yellow leaves whip by so fast and so high I keep thinking they are goldfinches.credit: Photos from Nowhere http://www.crymble.ca/photoblog/

A season of life has passed by since the last time I wrote here.  Things got crazy, as they always do, and writing for pleasure had to slumber in the back of my mind while crises came and went.  But my youngest is now off to high school, and the rhythm of my days has changed.

It’s time to try again.  A little wiser, a little more slack in my schedule, a little more likely to be able to continue. Looking back, I see my posts were too long, both for me and for you, poor reader.  This time around, I will try to write more ‘little and often’ and less wordy.

See you soon.


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